Barnsley Youth Dance

BYDA classes were created with the same aim in mind as StarMovers – to provide quality dance training whilst still remaining fun & enjoyable for all. The approach of BYDA classes is from that of a professional dancer, where the aim is to educate our dancers about their bodies & develop an understanding of dance technique rather than just teaching steps to young people. We have always felt that examinations are a simple box ticking exercise (as well as an expense to yourselves) that creates dancers void of expression & results in a loss of real enjoyment for dance as an art form. We want our dancers to flourish without undue pressure that exams & competitions place on children.

BYDA encourages active engagement – we want our dancers to be ‘thinking dancers’ who create & explore dance in a professional setting.

As our dancers grow, we have found their interest in a pure classical ballet approach to be feigning. We are passionate that ballet is an essential foundation on which all dance styles are formed however, when we produce routines for our annual show we always adopt a more contemporary approach. We have therefore decided to alter weekly classes to cover more techniques, making our dancers more technically versatile. Rather than ‘ballet class’, we would like it to become a ‘dance class’. In this dance technique class our dancers will cover the following:

  • Classical ballet technique
  • Contemporary dance technique
  • Acro/gymnastic skills
  • Yoga/pilates exercises
  • Creative, choreographic tasks

We feel this will not only give our dancers a varied class each week that will be thoroughly enjoyable, but also allow them to explore movement fully & develop creative skills alongside their physical abilities.

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